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  • High-Value Feminine Woman; Rediscovering Your Femininity
  • The Level Up Handbook: Raise the Bar and Become the Woman of Your Dreams!
  • The Elegant Style Handbook to Curate an Elegant Wardrobe

Book 1: High-Value Feminine Woman; Rediscovering Your Femininity ($20)
Use the code "ULTIMATE"  to get the 25% OFF Bundle Discount!
By the time you finish reading "High-Value Feminine Woman - Rediscovering Your Femininity ", you will
  • Have a clear understanding of what masculine and feminine energy are, and how they apply to your personal, work, and love life so that you can use them to your fullest advantage.
  • Have 15+ clear strategies on how to nurture your femininity every single day, no matter your lifestyle, profession, age, or relationship status.
  • Gain tips on how to be feminine on the outside, as well as on the inside, so that you are one alluring and magnetic feminine lady!
  • Know how to be fully present in your feminine essence without losing yourself, your personality, or what makes you uniquely you.
  • Know how to tone down your masculine energy when in a relationship so that you break the pattern of fizzling relationships.
Book 2: The Elegant Style Handbook; Curate an Elegant Wardrobe that Makes You Look Expensive ($20)
Use the code "ULTIMATE"  to get the 25% OFF Bundle Discount!
In the Elegant Style Handbook, you will learn how to curate an elegant and practical wardrobe that you will love. You will learn
  • How to perform a personal branding audit so that you project first impressions that elevate your personal image. A worksheet is provided.
  • What values drive your purchasing decisions, and how to align your clothing purchases with your personal goals. A worksheet is provided.
  • How to select clothes that project the image you want; and how to use clothes to camouflage your flaws, distract and direct attention to desired areas. A worksheet will also be provided.
  • How to identify your top three style personality traits, and how you can make your style elegant and feminine. A worksheet is provided.
  • How to wear color with style. You will learn the different ways you can pair colors to look like a pro, because black is always in fashion but other colors are fun too!
  • How to perform a lifestyle review, so that you can identify the clothes you need to have more of, less of, and what items you need to have based on your current lifestyle. This makes your wardrobe practical and functional.
  • How to declutter and curate your wardrobe in a refreshing way that will have a long-lasting impact, and how where to purchase expensive-looking items. A worksheet is also provided.

Book 3: Level Up Handbook; Secrets on How to Raise the Bar and Become the Woman of Your Dreams!
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By the time you finish reading the Level Up Handbook: How to Raise the Bar and Become the Woman of Your Dreams! ", you will have gained the following from each of these chapters.

  • Chapter 1: Break Free From What is Holding You Back - Gain a clear understanding of how your current environment and societal conditioning are holding you back from living your best life.
  • Chapter 2: The No.1 Secret to Fast-Track Your Level Up - You will learn the number 1 secret on how to quicken your level-up process whether or not you have lots of money. You will discover exactly what you need to do, especially if you are stuck in a rut.
  • Chapter 3: 18 Interest-Based Ways to Upgrade Your Circles - Learn the different high-calibre ways you can use to upgrade your circles and gain social mobility. They are practical and can easily be woven into your lifestyle.
  • Bonus: Online Dating Tips - Know how to make your profile stand out on online dating platforms, the best ways in which to weed out jokers and avoid catfishing, and how to increase your chances of finding a great match.
  • Chapter 4: Navigating New Circles & Relationships - Gain insight on how to stand out in real life in your new circles and relationships, so that you do not repeat previous behavioral mistakes that hampered your life.
  • Chapter 5: Vetting Skills Part I: Setting Standards - Know which types of relationships to avoid like the plague, how to vet men, and how to set high standards that will help you avoid the heartache and games of low quality and low caliber men.
  • Chapter 6: Vetting Skills Part II: Setting Boundaries - Know how to set helpful boundaries to protect you from the emotional damage that you may have suffered in previous relationships.
  • Chapter 7: Vetting Skills Part III: The Anatomy of a High-Value Man - Know how to identify a high-value man using 3 top-notch and well-researched criteria so that you do not waste your time when dating, and shorten the time to find your one and only.
Use the code "ULTIMATE"  to get the 25% OFF Bundle Discount!
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