Elegant Style Handbook: How to Curate an Easy to Mix and Match Elegant Wardrobe that Makes You Look Expensive
In the  Elegant Style Handbook, you will learn how to curate an elegant and practical wardrobe that you will love. You will learn

How to perform a personal branding audit so that you project first impressions that elevate your personal image. A worksheet is provided.

What values drive your purchasing decisions, and how to align your clothing purchases with your personal goals. A worksheet is provided.

How to select clothes that project the image you want; and how to use clothes to camouflage your flaws, distract and direct attention to desired areas. A worksheet will also be provided.

How to identify your top three style personality traits, and how you can make your style elegant and feminine. A worksheet is provided.

How to wear color with style. (You will also receive 100% off access to a $197 guided self-color analysis where you will identify your best colors, and receive a free mini-color palette. This bonus offer expires on 25th July 2022. )

How to perform a lifestyle review, so that you can identify the clothes you need to have more of, less of, and what items you need to have based on your current lifestyle. This makes your wardrobe practical and functional.

How to declutter and curate your wardrobe in a refreshing way that will have a long-lasting impact, and how where to purchase expensive-looking items. A worksheet is also provided.

P.s: Kindly note that this is a digital format book. Hence no shipping is involved. You will receive instant access upon purchase.

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